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Milsim Open Play at Fox Paintball
« on: September 04, 2015, 04:28:16 PM »
Illinois Milsim Presents:

MILSIM Open Play

Sunday September 27

Fox Paintball Field
10389 Fox River Dr, Newark, IL 60541

Who are we
We are a group of airsofters who have been hosting private games for several years now and are moving into full event hosting

25 pre register via paypal
30 walk on

What to expect
After arrival and registration and safety briefing you will carry your gear and water to your sides Tactical Operations Center (TOC).  The two sides will not be gathering back together until the end of the day and the entire AO will be active from the start time until the end time. 
Dedicated Squads:  In the beginning of the day you will be placed into squads, and you will stay in the squad for the entire day
Command Structure:  There will be a Squad Leader, and a higher command that you will report to
Operation Orders:  Your missions will be well planned out.  Your missions success or failure will depend on getting back to the TOC alive, completing your objectives and bringing back Intel
Debriefs:  Immediatly following every mission expect a mission debrief.  The squad leader will restate the plan of the missions and the squad members will say what happened while higher command collects the intelligence you just gathered and puts it to use
Respawns:  A 30 minute respawn insures when you return to the TOC to respawn, you won't be able to run out and help the squad for that mission.
Radios:  One squad member will be designated the Radio Telephone Operator.  Communicating with Higher Command and other squads
MilSim:  This is a game that we find fun when the spirit of the rules are followed.  We are trying to create a level of immersion with the game that has you relying on your squad.  Give it a try and you will have a blast

Our Plan
The Open Play games are single day events, but also training for a 48 or more hour event that we would like to host in the spring time at the same AO

Sides and Weapons
Being that this is open play, we are not requiring any specific weapons or uniforms.  Although while registering we reserve the right to balance sides by putting like weapon types or uniforms together

The multi day event will be a cold war themed game.  Think 1980s to 1990s, a ficticious eastern eurpoean country will be falling into civil war.  One side will be heavily backed with NATO gear, and advisors on the ground.  The other side similarly supplied by Soviet and Eastbloc gear and advisors.  This will be the event to break out the surplus gear!

NATO Backed Forces (ideal gear)
M81 Woodland, Flectarn, British DPM, basically any NATO camo
M4, M16, G3, G36, M60, M249,

Soviet Backed Forces (ideal gear)
Afganka uniforms, KLMK, KZM, VSR, rain pattern basically any EastBloc style uniform
Any AK varient


Weapon Limits:
 Basic rules you find in Illinois, Full auto weapons at 400fps, Sniper weapons at 550fps
Grenades:  Any hard cover between you and the grenade saves you
Thunder B's:  10 foot kill radius, they do not have to throw BB's
Nerf rounds:  10 foot kill radius, they must be shot from a grenade launcher

Basic Rules:

1.   Eye protection is required to be worn for the entirety of the game.  Eye protection can be in the form of full seal goggles, mesh goggles, or paintball masks.  Under 18 has to wear full paintball mask
2.   A safe zone is clearly marked as you leave the field.  No firing of guns are allowed in the safe zone.  You need barrel blockers
3.   The Area of Operations will be further explained on game day.  We will be behind the paintball fields
4.   A "Bang" rule is in effect when under 10 feet
5.   You are considered out whenever a BB strikes any part of your body or gear.  After you are hit you must immediately sit/lay where you are for 2 minutes (120 seconds)  If you cannot be healed within the 2 minutes then you have bled out and may return to respawn
6.   HEALING a wounded player:  ONLY A PLAYER WEARING A HELMET OR ARMOR VEST CAN BE MEDICED.  A section of rope with three knots must be on your person.  Anyone can medic you by untieing the knots and tying the rope to your gear
7.   POW's:  You can capture any player that is hit and is waiting their 2 minutes.  (without healing them)  YOU MUST KEEP A HAND ON THEM TO MOVE THEM.  You can search them by saying "I am searching you"  and the hit player must surrender any documents.  An interrogation can take place if desired, no physical contact is allowed but ask any questions you like and hope for a slip up to gain useful intel
8.   Dead players can not accomplish objectives while heading back to respawn
9.   RESPAWINING:  Return to your TOC in order to respawn.  Higher Command will then start your 30 minute timer.  Use this time to reload, and rest up
10.   SPIRIT:  We expect all players to abide by the word, but more importantly the spirit of the rules

0700 - Registration and chrono open
0930 - Safety briefing
1000 - Sides move to their respawn, GAME ON
1700 - GAME OFF, gather up for a quick debrief

***Important*** The game mods will be doing the registration, and moving into the field at 1000 to play the game.  We can not leave the TOCs to get late arrivals

***We will not accept late arrivals***

To pre-register send 25.00 via paypal to  Please include either Nato side or Soviet side

check out our facebook event for further details
Current number of fighting holes dug for airsoft:  2

Pandoras Box IV:  Russian!!
Operation Eastwind VII:  1st squad, 315th RRC, U.S. Army
Codename Thunder X:  U.S. Team
Operation Eastwind VI:  3rd Squad, 315th RRC, U.S. Army

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Re: Milsim Open Play at Fox Paintball
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Read the story here. It is knowledge that is very useful for me and for many people.