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CODENAME: Thunder XII Lockport, IL Aug 1-2nd 2015
« on: June 18, 2015, 04:03:56 PM »


August 1-2nd 2015
@ Legacy Airsoft Field
Lockport, Illinois

The Cold War has turned hot once again.

Testing the US Military and its citizens will to enter into another conflict, the Russian Federation has stepped up their pressure. Starting with naval and aerial shows of force moves including testing our border and naval boundries, the Russian Military was pushing the envelope to see what they could get away with.

The second phase included retaking several former Soviet block countries and territories. As the US and NATO sat by, the Russians were emboldened to continue their conquests. Secretly backed by the Communist Chinese, the Russians set their sights on the Ukraine. Begining with false flag operations and other subversive tactics, the Russians have decided the time is right to begin a full invasion of the Ukraine...

Luckily for the free world, the Pentagon has contingency plans in place for such an event. CODENAME: Thunder is the first part of this Ukrainian/Eastern European plan. US SOCOM has sent in specialized troops to work with local militia and the remnants of the Ukrainian military that are holding the Russian advances back, to gather further intel, snatch and grab particular Soviet military leaders and recover or stop any nuclear or biological warfare instruments before it is too late...

More INtel to follow soon...

The Thunder returns...

This Two-Day event features:
      Limited Admission
         Command Structure to the Squad Level
            Multiple scenarios-
                  Special missions-
                     Armored Assault VehicleS (TWO+)!-
                         New Props-
                                Smoke grenades-
                                    Special weapons-
                                          Night play-
                                              Free camping-
                                                        A dealers area filled with Airsoft products-
                                                             Prize give-aways
                                                                    And more!

Event Enlistment:

Enlist with the US Forces, to defeat the Russians, in their quest for Domination at the Midwest’s premier Airsoft event, CODENAME: Thunder XII

Online Registration OPen !!

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