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Welcome to my review of the G&P M16A4 AEG rifle. The purpose of this thread is to inform you of as much information about this weapon as I can. That being said, I'll try to cover everything I can and be as thorough as possible. To view some pictures of the gun, please refer to my picture thread:
More pictures will be taken and posted in time, including pictures of internals and detailed shots.
On to the review!

I'll start by describing first impressions and exterior. When the box arrived I excitedly tore off the packing tape to uncover an all brown box with the G&P logo on the front. I flung it open to behold the beauty that is this weapon. The entire gun has a flat black finish to it and looks eerily similar to it's real-steel counterpart. The finish has different shades of black in all the right places; darker on the rails/hand-guards/stock, and lighter on the mag-well/receiver. This gun has all metal parts in accordance with it's real-steel counterpart. Upper and lower receivers are all metal, ejection port dust cover is metal, and barrel and assembly are metal. The plastic parts are constructed from tough ABS plastic. These include: pistol grip, stock, removable hand-guards, and fore-grip. You'll notice that this gun is HEAVY! When completely empty (no accessories or battery), this gun weighs roughly 6-7 lbs; pretty close to the real thing. But once a battery, magazine, and optics/accessories are added, it's weight can go up to 10lbs or more! Doesn't seem like a lot, but for a gun you'll be lugging around all day, 10lbs. can really start to wear you down. Starting from the front I'll describe the gun fully. The standard orange flash hider (metal) is threaded on via 14mm clockwise thread at the end of the barrel, allowing for customization for a flash hider, silencer, or whatever other addition you'd like to throw on. Next comes the all metal free float rail system. 4 full long rails that run all the length of the barrel to the receiver, allowing for unlimited customization options. The gun comes with 2x black plastic hand-guards to be attached wherever you like or just kept off. Then we come to the body of the gun. You'll notice the laser engraved trades on the gun. This company went all out and mirrored the actual trades that go onto US Government issue M16's, down the 5.56 Cal! Gives the gun a really nice authentic look for those of you concerned with that. The bolt catch is present and metal, but is not functional. The selector switch, trigger, trigger guard, and dust cover are all present and metal. The selector switch changes from safe, to semi, to full auto effortlessly. I am uncertain if it's just my gun or all of them, but the dust cover came to me open, and doesn't functionally close. I didn't want to risk forcing it, so I just leave it open. Sitting behind the cover is the adjustable hop-up. Up top, we have the removable carry handle with completely adjustable iron sights. Underneath, is a full rail running the spine of the entire gun. The charging handle is present and partially functional. By this I mean, you can rack it back about an inch, but it doesn't do anything. Kind of disappointing when we're used to replicas that give that satisfying metal clank upon racking the bolt/charging handle back. Going farther back, we see the all plastic, full size fixed stock. This is the battery housing compartment and offers A LOT of room for a battery! I am currently running a large Intellect 9.6 4200 battery with room to spare. The gun is SOLID. you'll notice that it feels like one solid piece when you hold it, no creaks or wobbles! The only wobble I notice is when I apply pressure to the fore-grip in a turning fashion. You'll feel the barrel assembly turn with your pressure while the receiver holds fast. This doesn't really count IMO because you have to actually force your hand and apply pressure to feel this. Another thing to note is magazines don't seat perfectly in mag-well. You'll notice that they have a bit of room to jiggle a tiny a bit, but I've yet to have a mag fall out on me; even when I try to force it.

For look and feel, I give this gun a 9/10 It looks JUST like the real thing down the the trades and different shades of black. Solid build, little wobble, full metal construction and lots of rail space make this a VERY appealing looking weapon. However, non-functional charging handle and dust cover leave something to be desired.

Onto firing and performance.
I'd like to point out before I begin, that my weapon did not come stock; it came pre-upgraded with a Prometheus 6.03 Tight bore Barrel, Prometheus Hop-Up, and Prometheus bucking. I chrono'd this gun at 390 FPS consistently with .20's. I use .28's for firing however, and I'll update when I get a chance to chrono with that weight of BB. Firing with the iron sights is very straight forward and pretty spot on without too much adjustment during my 75 ft. Shooting tests. Bear in mind, all shooting tests were done sitting down with the gun on a rest, optimizing stability. Once I adjusted the sights and the hop, I achieved a 1 inch group at 75ft. Consistently with the iron sights. I threw my zoom ACOG on there and continued testing. Once I zero'd my ACOG in I was able to achieve a <1 Inch group on semi auto at 75ft. pretty consistently. This thing is dead on. During full auto firing, the bb's tend to fly off a bit more, but nothing over 3 inches of inaccuracy. Bear in mind that with each group, the 9th or 10th shot was usually a flier, and I didn't count those in my groupings otherwise the results would be very scattered. The fliers would go off in random directions and would be anywhere from 2-6 inches off target. I don't have the facilities for long distance target shooting so I can't provide results for longer distances, but I can tell you that I can visually see the BB's travel straight as an arrow from the back of my garage all the way across the street until it's out of sight. While firing, you'll notice that the gearbox has some kick to it, not like a GBBR or a RS recoil, but it's a noticeable change from other AEG's. Another thing of note is the tense trigger. Again, not sure if it's just mine but the gun has a pretty high tense trigger pull; especially for an airsoft gun. This is a con in my book as I'll have enough weight to deal with without having to strain my trigger fingers to fire. The ROF on full auto is excellent and has been described as similar to a chainsaw or jet stream of BB's. This will make for lots of dead rags being drawn out.
On firing I give a 9.5/10 the only con is the heavy trigger pull. Other than that, accurate and amazing ROF.

Moving on to internals.
The gearbox is a G&P brand Version 2 reinforced 8mm gearbox
G&P brand M120 High-Speed motor
Fully customizable internals as you'd expect from a high quality manufacturer.
The gun accepts large type Tamiya batteries. Other than that there's not much to be said on internals.

I'm not totally competent and knowledgeable of internals but I do know I'm dealing with some top notch stuff here. I'm going to give the internals a 9/10 because I know there's always room for improvement no matter how good the stock internals are.
-Aesthetically appealing! Looks like the real thing!
-Amazing ROF: Estimated 750-850 Rounds per Minute.
-High quality internals with room for customization.
-Full Metal Construction.
-Free Float Rail System and removable carry handle for full accessory customizing.
-Lots of battery storage space.
-Solid construction, virtually free from wobble and no creaks.

-Heavy overall weight (might be a pro for some).
-Heavy trigger pull.
-Non-functioning bolt catch, charging handle, and ejection port dust cover.
-Mags loosely seated in mag-well.
-Battery tends to jiggle around in stock when there's room left over. Easily fixed with some packing foam or even bubble-wrap.

I purchased this gun used from another former player. The gun will be reaching it's 1-year mark in age come November, so it is fairly new. I got this gun on a steal of a deal at $365.00. This price included 10 star 100 round mid-cap magazines, an Intellect 9.6 Large 4200 battery, and several Prometheus internal upgrades. This gun can be bought new at for $315.00 + Shipping. Bought new, the gun comes with 2x black plastic hand-guards, a black plastic fore-grip, and one hi-cap magazine. I hope you found this review to be informative and helpful! Please leave me feedback on whether it was good, or if it needs improvement. If it does need improving, kindly tell me what you'd like to see and I will update it to make it so. More pictures will be added at later date.
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